What seemed to be a very ordinary day, turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

October 5, 2012. The day I got hired by Bally Technologies. In the hope that my interview experience might help someone in the future, I am sharing this post with you!

Interview Process:

  1. Written Round
  2. Technical Round 1
  3. Technical Round 2
  4. HR Round

Written Round:

This round consisted of

  • General aptitude questions+verbal questions+Data Interpretation(30)
  • Technical skills questions(20).

Time: 75 mins

Check out Indiabix for General Aptitude and Data Interpretation problems. Verbal questions were pretty easy.

Around 120 students wrote the test and 50 got shortlisted to the next round (fortunately, I was in the top three, which helped me a lot coz they evaluate based on the cumulative score of all the rounds.)

Technical Round 1:

The interviewer asked me to solve a few aptitude problems, some of which were asked during the first written round to check if I had really solved it (fluke answers won’t help you here!)

Apart from the aptitude questions, he asked some basic CS questions from Data Structures, OOPS concepts, OS, DBMS and Networks. If you are strong with the basic concepts, this round should be a breeze.

Technical Round 2:

Now this was the round which I found to be very hard, but at the same time, interesting. The interviewer started off with asking about myself. He seemed to be impressed with my open source contribution. Then he asked me to explain my projects. Next came the coding type of questions. He asked about threads in Java. I wrote a basic class which extended Thread class. Then he asked some simple programs related to binary operations and string manipulations. After that, I was asked to debug a small code snippet, which was pretty easy.

And just when I thought the round was over, he started asking some really tough puzzles. He said and I quote,

“I don’t care if the solution is right or wrong. How you approach the problem is what matters!”

He asked about 5 puzzles, two of which I had already known before. It was tough, but I made sure I spoke up often and tried to talk my way through the solutions.

HR Round:

This was probably the easiest of all the rounds. The HR Manager was very friendly. He asked me about my family background, my strengths and weaknesses and hobbies. Then he asked me if I would be able to relocate and discussed the job profile. I kinda enjoyed this round.

After 8 hours of written tests and interviews, the HR manager told me,

“You are done for the day. Results will be announced soon. Thank you.”

At about 10:00 P.M that night, I came to know that I got selected.

It was definitely a day to remember! 🙂


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