proBoot 2.1 – Premium phpBB 3.0.x Style

Base style: proSilver

Style Version: 2.1

phpBB version: phpBB 3.0.x

Price: $25 $30

Premium Features

  • Fully Responsive [Mobile and Tablet Optimized]
  • Support and Documentation

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proBoot – Bootstrap theme for phpBB3

I have used phpBB for quite some time and it has always been my favorite bulletin board software. However, I feel that the UI has not been updated for ages. So I decided to use the Bootstrap framework to spice things up.

Base style: proSilver

Style Version: 2.0

phpBB version: phpBB 3.0.11



Download phpBB Bootstrap theme proBoot: [updated for 3.0.11 on March 22, 2013]


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Fluid Layout and more..

I would love to hear feedbacks and suggestions. If you like this style, please donate! 🙂

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proBoot [Premium]

  • Responsive [Mobile and Tablet Optimized]
  • Support and Documentation

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phpBB Visual Editor

GSoC 2012 project for phpBB.

Idea: Rich Text Editor Integration

Brief explanation:

BBCode is a lightweight markup language based on XHTML used to format posts. As such it is very technical and can be difficult to use, especially for novice internet users. It is also difficult to use for more experienced users when the formatting gets more complex. BBCode however also serves as a security mechanism for preventing the use of arbitrary HTML markup (and thus JavaScript), so the existing BBcode editor can not be replaced with an editor that produces HTML. A possible solution could be the use of a JavaScript editor that produces BBcode which is then translated to HTML as before.

Expected results:

Integration of a Rich Text Editor into phpBB core, making the use of the bulletin board a lot easier by allowing users to pick the editor that fits their needs.

My patch:

Screenshot of the integrated phpBB Visual Editor.

I have been working on this project on different phases.

To-Do List

  1. Tweak CSS to match prosilver and subsilver(if needed)
  2. Learn about git submodules and try to integrate CKEditor as an asset.
  3. Remove unnecessary files.
  4. Set up an option in ACP.
  5. Update SQL Schema.
  6. Fix the phpBB smileys integration issue.
  7. Fix issues such as JS turned off.
  8. Try implementing other JS editors such as TinyMCE so that users can choose the Visual Editor they want.
  9. Minor changes (like following coding guidelines)
  10. Fix bugs (if any)

and many more…

Hoping to code all through the summer(and even after that) and contribute to the phpBB community 🙂

phpBB Attachment Improvements

If time permits, I will work on the this idea during GSoC (or even after GSoC), after completing my proposed project: Rich Text Editor Integration.

Idea: Attachment Improvements

Brief explanation:

Only basic attachment upload using HTTP uploads (multipart/form-data) is supported right now. Quite a few improvements are possible when JavaScript is available: Limitations of PHP settings upload_max_filesize and max_execution_time can be worked around by sending multiple HTTP requests instead of one. Multiple files can be selected for upload and a queue can be shown with upload status etc.. If images are to be uploaded and the board does not need them in full size, they can be resized prior upload to save bandwidth. Continue reading phpBB Attachment Improvements

phpBB Visual Editor – Phase II


To integrate the JavaScript Editor into phpBB core.


I was able to integrate the JS editor which I had customized in Phase One into the phpBB core. On submission, the JS editor outputs BBcode which is parsed and displayed. In short, it works well.

Screenshot of the integrated phpBB Visual Editor.
Post submitted through phpBB Visual Editor

The next Phase would be the inclusion of User options.

phpBB Visual Editor – Phase I

This is a part of my GSoC 2012 project “Rich Text Editor Integration” for phpBB.


To make use of a JavaScript text editor to produce BBcode.

Text Editor:


Change Log:

1. CSS of the editor has been completely modified to suit phpBB prosilver style.
2. Additional plugin has also been added to the editor to output BBcode.


> This screenshot shows the customized JavaScript editor.

phpBB Editor
phpBB Visual Editor

> Output generated by the phpBB Visual Editor.

Editor's output

That is the end of Phase One. In the next phase, I will integrate this JS editor into phpBB core.