Windows 7 Pro and Linux BOSS come bundled with the laptops provided by TN Government. Let’s admit it, Linux BOSS occupying an entire partition of 100 GB is just annoying.

To remove Linux BOSS, follow these steps:

  1. Boot the system and press F8
  2. Choose “Repair your computer”
  3. Windows Installer will load the necessary files and display the System Recovery option.
  4. After entering the username and password, a new Window with a list of recovery tools is displayed.
  5. Choose Command Prompt and enter: bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr
  6. Restart the sytem.
  7. Go to Computer Management->Disk management. Format the drive containing Linux.

Tada! No more Linux BOSS 😀

NOTE: Don’t format the drive before updating the bootsect.

Published by Shibu Lijack

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    1. Windows installer contains a pre-defined bootsect tool. And the Disk management option is pretty simple if you ask me.
      Honestly, I am too lazy to download and install additional software 😛

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