First of all, Emptiness is one of the very few Indian songs which created a sensation in the YouTube.

The story cooked up in the video’s description is as follows:

Rohan Rathore was an IIT Guwahati student, who was suffering from Cancer. He was in love with a girl named Supriya more than anything in his life. But, Supriya refused him only because he was suffering from Cancer. Then, Rohan sung this song for his love, Supriya. But, the bad part is that, after 15 days of recording this awesome song, he died.
“May Rohan’s soul Rest In Peace!

Sounds convincing but, when checked with some IIT Guwahati students it was found out that the story is completely FALSE!

Yes, it’s just a clever marketing gimmick by some people to promote the song. They knew the song was good. But a song by unknown singer does not reach a wide audience easily. So they associated a story with it. It is the school and college students who are the target audience for these kind of songs. So they made a story to target these people. And these people are also easily susceptible. There are two prominent ways of viral marketing. Either make it a funny thing, or make it a Sad scandalous thing. They used three strong keywords-


  • ‘Love’ was enough to pull romantically influenced people.
  • IIT-Guwahati is a prestigious college in India, so it again became an eye-catcher.
  • ‘Cancer’ disabled the reasoning abilities of the target audience and aroused a feeling of pity in them. Game Over.

These people introduced the video with the perfect recipe for a great viral marketing campaign, but it isn’t quite easy to fool anyone across the internet, especially in the age of internet when you can just ask anyone through a chat.

Whatsoever, the song is really good and there are quite a few versions of the song in YouTube. Here is my remixed version of the song:


Raman Kapoor

Click here to get the original sound track


Shibu Lijack (yep, that’s me!)


Ho love of mine
With a song and a whine
You’re harsh and divine
Like truths and a lie

But the tale ends not here
I have nothing to fear
For my love is hell of giving and hold on

And the bright emptiness
In a room full of it
Is a cruel mistress
Woah oh!

I feel this unrest
That nest all hollowness
For I have nowhere to go in the cold

And I feel so lonely
There’s a better place than this

And I’m so lonely
There’s a better place than this

Emptiness, Yeah!