Let’s assume you have created a slick wordpress plugin. Next thing you will want is your plugin to appear in the wordpress plugin directory. Follow these steps:

STEP #1:

Submit your plugin details to the wordpress team: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/add/
After few hours, you will get an e-mail from the wp team containing a link to the svn repository of your plugin. It will get activated in an hour after you receive the e-mail.

STEP #2:

Assuming you have all the files necessary(plugin.php, readme.txt, screenshots), the next thing you must do is install subversion package(if you have already installed svn, skip this step)

-> Download Subversion Server for Mac OS X


-> You’ll need to first tell your system which Subversion installation to use. To do this, you’ll need to prepend the PATH environment variable with the new subversion install location. To do this, open a Terminal Window (located in the Applications/Utilities Folder) and type everything you see after the dollar sign, then hit return:

 $ pico ~/.bash_profile

Then add the following line to this file:

 export PATH=/opt/subversion/bin/:$PATH

Then hit Control + X, then confirm saving the file with ‘y’, then hitting return. Now we’ve added the new Subversion installation to your System’s path.

-> Next, we need to tell the Terminal that we’ve updated this variable. To do that type the following and hit return: (note: there is a space between the first and second periods)

 $ . .bash_profile

STEP #3:

  • Create a local directory on your machine to house a copy of the repository
mkdir wordpress
  • Check out the repository (which initially will contain only 3 empty directories)
svn co http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/your-plugin-name wordpress
> A wordpress/trunk
> A wordpress/branches 
> A wordpress/tags
> Checked out revision 11325.
  • Copy all your plugin files into the trunk directory of wordpress.
wordpress/$ cp ~/my-plugin.php trunk/my-plugin.php 
wordpress/$ cp ~/readme.txt trunk/readme.txt
  • Then let subversion know that you want to add those files back to repository
svn add trunk/* 
> A trunk/my-plugin.php
> A trunk/readme.txt
  • Now check in the changes back to the repository
svn ci -m 'Adding first version of my plugin'
> Adding trunk/my-plugin.php 
> Adding trunk/readme.txt
> Transmitting file data..
> Committed revision 11326.

NOTE: Make sure you reset your wordpress.org account password before checking in or you might get an authentication error.

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